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A nice, extremely simple and lighthearted (despite the theme) filler game that can be played in about 15 minutes.

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It’s fast. It’s furious. Its fun.

Games played in real-time (no turns – all players go simultaneously) have always held a special place in my heart. Then again, so do shiny quarters and those little plastic toothpicks shaped like swords, but that’s another story. These types of games get the gamer blood pumping and are generally light and quick enough to get everyone up and running with very little effort.

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Ohne Furcht und Adel (Citadels)

This review is based on the original German release by Hans im Gluck.

A beautiful little card game that incorporates equal amounts of luck, strategy and bluffing. The goal? To build a city that is worth more than your neighbors. Speed counts but then again so does style. The artwork is exquisite, highly detailed, colorful and clean printed on above average faux linen cardstock. Unfortunately my copy has seen so much gameplay that the character cards are starting to show wear and tear, I suggest buying card protectors for these eight cards (as they will bear the brunt of your gameplay use, misuse and abuse)

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League of Pirates

I finally broke this game out a few weeks ago and gave it a whirl. If you’ve ever played ship-captain-crew, then your already familiar with this game… or rather the basic game mechanics.

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Review by William Keech as printed in Knucklebones magazine Issue #1

So what do we know about space? Well, it’s big, it’s full of rocks, and if you can get there first, its full of money. Unfortunately, someone else has beaten you to the punch. Oh, don’t act surprised, it’s not like it was your very own little secret. I mean, how can you miss space? Just look up. But there is some good news. Someone may have gotten there first, but fortunately for you, all they did was a survey of the planets. Looks like making money in space just got a little bit easier.

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