League of Pirates

I finally broke this game out a few weeks ago and gave it a whirl. If you’ve ever played ship-captain-crew, then your already familiar with this game… or rather the basic game mechanics.

Overall, your trying to launch your ship with the best crew, before your opponent does. This is done by spending points (from your ever changing point pool) to draw coins from a bag, each one representing a potential crew member, or by raiding the other players ship for his crew members. The combat system is novel and cute, but completely random. Of course, you can only do this when it’s your turn. Which is where the afore mentioned dice game comes in. Who gets to play each turn is determined by playing a single ‘hand’ of ship-captain-crew. Winner plays, loser watches. Once your ship is full, you may attempt to launch. If successful, the game ends and you tally up the scores to see who actually won. This is accomplished by adding, the remainder of your point pool, the point value of your crew plus any bonuses for launching first or having all of your crew come from the same faction.

Overall, League of Pirates was a fun experience. A little too random for my tastes, but a novel way to play ship-captain-crew. Which is pretty much how I prefer to think of it.

Complexity: 2         Strategy: 2         Luck: 5         Overall: 3


3 Responses to “League of Pirates”

  1. 1 anne June 2, 2008 at 11:21 pm

    I didn’t understand the beginning of the rules which states: Place the other two leagues of coins into your opponen’ts Homeport Bag. Does that mean you have all of one league and your opponent has two? How do you decide who the opponent is? I’m confused. Can you help?

  2. 2 Zippee June 4, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    I know the rules can be a little confusing so let me try and break down the components to help form a clearer picture.

    There are a total of 42 coins in the game…

    21 are marked with crosses and 21 of are marked with skulls…making 2 complete sets.

    Each set is comprised of 3 colors (7 red coins, 7 blue coins and 7 yellow coins)

    At the beginning of the game, each player takes all 21 coins of one set. (either crosses or skulls)

    Each player then secretly chooses one captain from their set of coins.

    After revealing your chosen captain to each other, you place the captain coin onto your board. The remaining coins of that color (there should 6 left) are placed into your Homeport Bag.

    The remaining 14 coins you have left are placed into your opponents Homeport Bag and their remaining 14 coins are then placed into your Homeport Bag.

    At this point, your Homeport bag should contain 14 of your opponents coins and 6 of your coins… the captain coin having already been placed onto the board.

    BTW… we ran into the same issue when we first opened the game as well.

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