Ohne Furcht und Adel (Citadels)

This review is based on the original German release by Hans im Gluck.

A beautiful little card game that incorporates equal amounts of luck, strategy and bluffing. The goal? To build a city that is worth more than your neighbors. Speed counts but then again so does style. The artwork is exquisite, highly detailed, colorful and clean printed on above average faux linen cardstock. Unfortunately my copy has seen so much gameplay that the character cards are starting to show wear and tear, I suggest buying card protectors for these eight cards (as they will bear the brunt of your gameplay use, misuse and abuse)

The gold pieces are little plastic disks that look a lot like butterscotch candy (one guy damn near choked finding that out). I understand that the American printed version, Citadels by Fantasy Flight Games, substituted cheap cardboard cutouts, a shame really. Luckily, man was graced with opposable thumbs and the gift of abstract thought. So this little set back can be easily and cheaply overcome, with a quick trip to the local craft shop. Anything coin like will do, each “coin” denotes a single gold piece.

So whats the bottom line? Well, in a nutshell… this is a must have! A game destined to become a classic, lets just hope it stays in print that long.

Complexity: 3         Strategy: 4         Luck: 3         Overall: 5


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