It’s fast. It’s furious. Its fun.

Games played in real-time (no turns – all players go simultaneously) have always held a special place in my heart. Then again, so do shiny quarters and those little plastic toothpicks shaped like swords, but that’s another story. These types of games get the gamer blood pumping and are generally light and quick enough to get everyone up and running with very little effort.

Blink is such a game. Two players, 60 cards and a lot of “knuckle bashing”.

The deck is split evenly between the two players and placed face down as a draw deck. Three cards are drawn into each player’s hand (your hand may be less than 3 if you wish but never more) then the next card in each draw deck is flipped face up to form two discard piles. This is where the fun begins.

The object of the game is to get rid of all of your cards before the other player does. You do this by playing the cards in your hand on a previously played card in either of the two discard piles, drawing new cards as you go. The rules for playing a card are simple. Just match one of the following criteria; shape, color or number. As I said before, the pace is really quick on this one. The two stacks will change as fast as you or your opponent can flip a card, so don’t do anything foolish like blink, sneeze or think too hard. First person out of cards is the victor.

This game is like a potato chip. One just isn’t enough. The games usually last less than 2 minutes so you’ll find yourself reshuffling the deck more out of muscle memory response than conscious thought. It’s that addicting.

If you find this type of game fun to play… and you will, you may also want to try some other real-time games such as Perpetual Commotion, Pit, Brawl, Wig Out, or Speed (Blinks European brother).

Complexity: 1         Strategy: 3         Luck: 3         Overall: 4


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