A nice, extremely simple and lighthearted (despite the theme) filler game that can be played in about 15 minutes.

You and your friends are rival executioners during the French Revolution. To earn the top bragging rights in the guillotine operators locker room you want to collect the most prestigious noggins. King Louis the XVI or the lowly piss boy? You do the math.

There isn’t one, its a card game. Unless you count the cool cardboard guillotine and the 12 unlucky nobles waiting in line.

Game components
The artwork is first rate and pretty humorous. The cards are on par with a regular poker deck (nothing like King of the Elves).

How to play
First, 12 nobles are lined up beside the guillotine. Then 5 action cards are dealt to each player. Each player goes in turn in some kind of mutually agreed upon manner. Clockwise seems to be the easiest to agree on. But what do I know, go by height if you want to.

On a players turn he or she can do the following;

  1. Play an action card (optional)
  2. Chop off the head of the first noble in line
  3. Draw an action card (whether or not you played one)

What? That’s it? That’s stupid! But wait, there’s more!

Each noble in line is worth different points, depending on their notoriety. And some of them are even worth negative points. Since you can only collect the head of the first noble in line, you get to use these really spiffy action cards to “tweak” the line order. Thus enabling you to decapitate a better class of people.

When all 12 of the nobles in line are “collected”, the day is over. All players keep whatever action cards they have and any noble cards
they have collected. Another 12 nobles are drawn and starting with the next player the 2nd day of head choppin commences. After the
third day, you add up all of the points on your noble cards. Whoever has the highest total is the winner.

My opinion
Its a good filler, a bit to much on the luck side for my taste but the rest of my group enjoyed it. Only recommend it for those who enjoy a light, quick game with a very high luck factor and very little strategy. Then again, for the price, who could pass it up?

Complexity: 1         Strategy: 2         Luck: 5         Overall: 4


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