Incan Gold


We played this while waiting for the others to arrive last Gameday. First impressions: It’s fast, it keeps you on your feet and I like it . This ‘press your luck’ game will keep you wanting to see ‘just one more card’.

The basic idea of the game is that each player takes on the part of an intrepid, yet not very brave, explorer. As you explore the Incan temple, you will uncover hidden dangers and ancient treasures. But the game does not end there. In order to keep your new found wealth, you must decide each turn whether or not you should abandon your piers and high tail it back to camp to stow away what you’ve found or to look down one more corridor and continue deeper into the ruins. Only treasure that you leave with counts towards winning. Anything that is dropped while you flee is lost forever and that is the heart of the game. Push on to more treasure, or take what you have before you are forced to run away in terror.

Complexity: 1         Strategy: 3         Luck: 5         Overall: 4


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