King of the Elves


The king is dead and you want the throne. But to do this, you must travel about the kingdom and collect some money to finance your campaign. Unfortunately, getting around your kingdom on foot is way to slow, not to mention thats it’s not very Royal like.

Using the various modes of transportation available to you, you plan your trip through your little province and maybe, with luck, through the neighboring provinces as well. The more villages you can visit, the more money you get. And as we all know, he who ends with the most gold… wins.

The hand management of the ‘Travel Cards’ is the heart of the game. By using certain cards, and/or combinations of cards you move from one town to the next. As a rule of thumb, the farther you go, the better. Here is an example;

To visit a village in a forest, a transport card with a forest icon must be used and sometimes more than one is required. i.e. You would only need one of the following transport cards to visit a village in the forest;

  • Giant pig
  • Elfcycle
  • Unicorn

But you would need two of the following cards to make the same trip;

  • Magic cloud
  • Trollwagon
  • Dragon

The seventh transport card is a Raft, and doesn’t help you here at all.

Now getting from place to place is hard enough as it is, but nobody wants to just sit there while you have all the fun, so a few special cards are thrown in to make your journey, that much more of a pain in the ass. Thieves might harass you along the way or a Sea Monster might try to end your journey sooner than you’d like.

Overall opinion? I love this game! It has a near perfect balance of luck and strategy. If your a fan of Alan R. Moons other elf games like Elfenland this is a must buy. Aw, what the hell, this is a must buy for anyone.

Complexity: 3         Strategy: 4         Luck: 3         Overall: 5


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