Starship Catan


The wife and I have been playing this one a lot lately. As a 2 player strategy game I can think of few that play as well as this one does. The game art is first rate, the pieces are solid and the mechanics are quite enjoyable.

You and your ‘opponent’ are lost in an unknown sector of space. Luckily for you, most of the natives are quite friendly. Each player has a starship and you set forth into this newfound piece of sky with the intention of spreading goodwill, shooting down a few bad guys and establishing a few colonies and trade posts. I use the word opponent in quotes because your not openly hostile towards each other. Your just competing over the limited number of resources available. These resources range from food and fuel to livable planets.

Starship Catan is a great 2 player strategy game. I highly recommend you get a copy.

Complexity: 2         Strategy: 4         Luck: 3         Overall: 4


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