Martian Coasters / Icehouse


Icehouse is not only a game, but it’s also a game piece. Let me explain further. Icehouse pieces are more akin to a standard deck of playing cards or a standard 6 sided die.

Currently, there are hundreds of different games that can be played with these pieces. Some games must be purchased, like Treehouse, (and occasionally come with the required pieces) while others are fully free to print and play (these will never come with the pieces). Trust me… someone was going to ask.

There are a few things, every house should have when it comes to a games closet. One is a standard (poker) deck of cards another is five 6 sided dice,and finally, at least 5 sets of Icehouse pieces. BTW a set consists of 3 cones of differing sizes and the same color. Currently, Looney Labs, has 11 different colors. Ten of the colors are regular playing pieces and one color is a special ‘volcano cap’ piece used in a few of the games.

Seeing as I can’t really rate a game piece, I mean… how strategic is a 2 of clubs? I will rate a game I played with them instead.

The basis of Martian Coasters is that you want to move all of your pieces through a maze and onto the center of your own coaster. Unfortunately, your opponents can mess with you by re-orienting the coasters to create an ever shifting maze. Thats about it really. It’s very simple and deceptively fun.

Complexity: 1         Strategy: 5         Luck: 2         Overall: 4


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