Tried this out last night. Not bad, but nothing innovative here. Game play is simple and straight forward.

The game components are sturdy and exactly what you have come to expect from a Eurogame with the exception of the 20 sided die, which looked like a photocopy of a fax of a bad drawing that someone spilled coffee on.  In other words, if they could have found a cheaper die, it more than likely would have only had 19 sides.

Rules are simple; each turn you do one of three things.  You either roll a die to build houses (up to 3 times), build canals or dig a well. Wells and canals are important as only those houses with water will be scored at the end.

With only two players it quickly became a race of who could drop the biggest houses and most canals the fastest. Which, I guess, is this overall objective of the game itself, it just felt a bit rushed with only two players. Placing wells far enough apart (a minimum of 5 junctures) was pretty easy too, as there was plenty of room on the board. In the end though, there were too many empty lots left and too many unplaced single houses. The next time I try this I will have to try breaking up the fields with a few mountains.

Overall, it is decent as a two player game but I think this is one of those times where you could technically play with as few as two people, but it seriously impacts the enjoyment of the game..

Complexity: 1             Strategy: 2             Luck: 4             Overall: 3


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