Top 5 reasons to play a board game…

  1. On average, a brand new game will set you back about 20 bucks and will only take up one to two hours of your day.
  2. In comparison, movie tickets, for two, will run you between 16 and 20 dollars, add in popcorn, candy and soda and your lookin at 30 to 35 bucks for two hours of entertainment. Plus you gotta pay again to see it a second time.
  3. Boardgames promote strong analytical problem solving skills, and foster a sense of goodwill and unity between people.
    *Historical note: Hitler never played a board game.
  4. Boardgames will give you the perfect opportunity to show your mental superiority over others.
  5. You get to make fun of the “mentally superior” because they can conquer the world in under two hours, yet the concept of the “zipped-up fly” eludes them.

WARNING – Too much of a good thing can result in this. Play responsibly.


2 Responses to “5 good reasons”

  1. 1 Dan Hawkins December 8, 2007 at 7:32 pm

    Interested to know if your group still gets together. I am in Roud Lake Heights and would be interested in joining on a future date.

  2. 2 Tom M December 22, 2007 at 8:06 pm

    Does your group still get together? I am in Libertyville and looking for a group of gamers. I mostly play military wargame types but am open to other games.

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