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A quick, lite version of a combat based football game. Movement and possesion of the ball are handled using various dice. Each team has a wide variety of players that they use to try and drive the football into the opponents endzone to score. Some are fast running, fumble prone darts while others are slow moving, football gripping tanks with a few hard hitting lineman thrown in to help you bulldoze your way to victory.

The first half starts you out with a full roster, but this game is rough. By the time the second half rolls around you could be fielding a much smaller team as some of your players, will more than likely, have been seriously injured by now and unable to take to the field.

The turns are quick, the strategies you use will be greatly affected by luck and the overall feel that you are playing a game of football is a little light. But is it fun? In a word… Yes.


The Legend of Landlock


Do not let the childish theme of Landlock lull you into thinking that this is just a children’s game.  While the rules are simple enough for an 8 year old to master, the strategy that comes into play will keep any adult on his or her toes.

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Being stuck on a night shift really sucks.  But every now and then something good comes of it.  Today, while ignoring my seemingly bottomless inbox and surfing the net, I found out about Brettspielwelt.  This is a German site that allows you to play dozens of games for free via a java applet.  And by games, I mean German games.   Currently, there are about 60-70 games offered.

The wife and I just got done with a few rounds of Carcassonne followed by a few hands of Lost Cities.  Wow!  The graphics are almost as good as the originals, the game play is flawless and the price is outstanding!  (That means free.)  However, there is a downside.  If your not fluent in German, navigation can be diificult.  They do have an English front end, but once your in, its all Deutsch.  Luckily, the Boardgamegeek site has plenty of helpful articles.  While this does not replace or even come near to the fun I get from playing face to face… It’ll do in a pinch.

Starship Catan


The wife and I have been playing this one a lot lately. As a 2 player strategy game I can think of few that play as well as this one does. The game art is first rate, the pieces are solid and the mechanics are quite enjoyable.

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It’s fast. It’s furious. Its fun.

Games played in real-time (no turns – all players go simultaneously) have always held a special place in my heart. Then again, so do shiny quarters and those little plastic toothpicks shaped like swords, but that’s another story. These types of games get the gamer blood pumping and are generally light and quick enough to get everyone up and running with very little effort.

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League of Pirates

I finally broke this game out a few weeks ago and gave it a whirl. If you’ve ever played ship-captain-crew, then your already familiar with this game… or rather the basic game mechanics.

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