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Being stuck on a night shift really sucks.  But every now and then something good comes of it.  Today, while ignoring my seemingly bottomless inbox and surfing the net, I found out about Brettspielwelt.  This is a German site that allows you to play dozens of games for free via a java applet.  And by games, I mean German games.   Currently, there are about 60-70 games offered.

The wife and I just got done with a few rounds of Carcassonne followed by a few hands of Lost Cities.  Wow!  The graphics are almost as good as the originals, the game play is flawless and the price is outstanding!  (That means free.)  However, there is a downside.  If your not fluent in German, navigation can be diificult.  They do have an English front end, but once your in, its all Deutsch.  Luckily, the Boardgamegeek site has plenty of helpful articles.  While this does not replace or even come near to the fun I get from playing face to face… It’ll do in a pinch.


Martian Coasters / Icehouse


Icehouse is not only a game, but it’s also a game piece. Let me explain further. Icehouse pieces are more akin to a standard deck of playing cards or a standard 6 sided die.

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Incan Gold


We played this while waiting for the others to arrive last Gameday. First impressions: It’s fast, it keeps you on your feet and I like it . This ‘press your luck’ game will keep you wanting to see ‘just one more card’.

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Illuminati: Deluxe Edition


The CIA is run by aliens! The Boy Scouts of America are nothing more than a tax write off for the Neo-Marxist Movement and Microsoft owns Christmas!

These are the types of things you will discover as you play one of 10 secret factions trying to rule the world. Each faction, or Illuminati, has a secret agenda and they will stop at nothing to see it through. Even if it means using the local McDonald’s to deliver NASA secrets to the Chinese Government (who, by the way, are secretly controlled by the Cable Company), but everyone knows that.

In short… it’s a lot of fun, a bit long in the rules department, but still fun.

Complexity: 5             Strategy: 4             Luck: 2             Overall: 3



Invade the dungeon, kick down a few doors, kill damn near anything that moves and be the first player to advance to 10th level.

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Ohne Furcht und Adel (Citadels)

This review is based on the original German release by Hans im Gluck.

A beautiful little card game that incorporates equal amounts of luck, strategy and bluffing. The goal? To build a city that is worth more than your neighbors. Speed counts but then again so does style. The artwork is exquisite, highly detailed, colorful and clean printed on above average faux linen cardstock. Unfortunately my copy has seen so much gameplay that the character cards are starting to show wear and tear, I suggest buying card protectors for these eight cards (as they will bear the brunt of your gameplay use, misuse and abuse)

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