At the end of every review you will find the following 4 stats;

Complexity:         Strategy:         Luck:         Overall:

How we rated the games various aspects (the first 3 categories)…
These factors are independent of the each other and do not influence the overall score.

5 Very High
4 High
3 Medium
2 Low
1 Very Low to None

The ‘Overall’ score is not influenced by the first 3 categories, they are simply an approximation of how we view the game as a whole.

5 Damn near the perfect game!
4 Great game, lots of replay value.
3 Average game, would play again.
2 Playable… sometimes, just barely.
1 Who the hell printed this crap?

Most of the games reviewed here will fall into the 3 to 5 range. Please don’t take this to mean that I like every game that was ever printed. I just tend not to write about games I have played and hated… but it does occasionally happen.


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